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Be on the Steering Committee

While Women in Politics is based in Thunder Bay, you can be part of the steering committee and get all the updates, minutes and volunteer in events held in your community.

The steering committee meet once every two months and is based on the peer mentoring model, where we help each other and the skills and expertise of each member makes the group stronger.

Co-Chair: Rebecca Johnson
Co-Chair: Judy Davies

Be part of the committee

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Become a Mentor

Do you have some skills and experiences to share? Be part of our mentors.

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could”.

– Anonymous

You can also contribute to gender equality and equal representation by mentoring someone who wants to run. The benefit is mutual as you will also learn in the process.

Become one of our mentors! Register and we will follow up with further information.


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Join a Working Group

Learn more about the different WIP committees and join one.

We are a citizen-led initiative that relies strongly on the support of volunteers!

We are working in different strategies within our working groups, contact us (link to contact) if you are interested in joining any of them:

  • Events Working Group:
    Lead: Rosalind Lockyer
    Planning community events and educational programs: Recruit speakers. Coordinate promotional activities. Plan logistics. Book venue and order food. Coordinate technology requirements. Solicit donations and sponsorship from local businesses.
  • Equal Voice Working Group:
    Lead: Angie Maltese
  • Youth Engagement Working Group:
    Lead: Sue Prodaniuk
    Work with community groups and organizations to engage youth and provide educational resources: develop tool kits, civic class engagement, take a girl to vote, etc.
  • Advocacy/Politics/Communications Working Group:
    Lead: Katherine Keeping
    Communications strategy: social media outreach, published written articles and website content.
    Success Stories of former and actual politicians and board members.
  • Supporter Engagement Working Group
    Lead: Rebecca Johnson and Judi Davies
    Citizen and volunteer engagement (first point of contact for new volunteers), Community outreach (approach allied groups to find partnership opportunities e.g. cross-promotion, co-hosted events, etc.), membership (recruit, engage, and retain members), help with minutes and meeting setting up.
  • Volunteer in the PARO and WIP’s Women’s Leadership Project:
    Lead: Rosalind Lockyer
    Volunteer to help out with activities and strategies related to the Women’s Leadership Project such as connecting mentors and mentees, promote the vote, civic engagement and more…(add a link to learn more about the project that will go to Women’s Leadership Section).

Be the Change

Take action: run, write an article, learn, express your concerns.

There’s different ways to support the change and take action to achieve gender equality in the world of politics and boards. Be the change:

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